Constitution and Bylaws 


Chartered since 1977 



Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to promote a fellowship between members to help each other to become better anglers and to adhere to all state laws and guidelines.


Article 1 - Constitution


Section A - Name

This organization shall be known as “the South Florida Bass Pros?”. Voted on the 4th day of October 1977. A not for profit organization. All dues collected shall be used for club activities and to promote the organization.


Section B – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall start the first day in September and end the last day in August.


Article 2 – By laws


Section A – Meetings and Tournaments

Club meetings shall be held the first Tuesday of the month. Club members are required to physically attend at least 4 meetings per year. Violators will be suspended for the following season.  Meetings may be changed one month prior to the meeting along with a 75% vote of the members present.  All tournaments shall be held the Saturday following the first Tuesday of the month or Saturday and Sunday for 2 day tournaments.  Tournament locations shall be picked by the Tournament committee.  Tournaments may be changed at the meeting prior to the event, with a 75% approval of the members present. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to notify all members by whatever means necessary of the change of venue.


Section B – Dues and Assessments

Club dues are set at $18 per month or, if a member elects to pay one year in advance, he is entitled to a reduced rate of $180 per year. This election may be made in September only.  In the case of early withdrawal form the club, any dues paid in advance will be refunded at $10 per unused month, regardless of Payment method selected or amounts paid in advance.  Any special assessments made by the membership must pass with a 75% approval of the members present.


Section C – Membership

Club membership shall not exceed thirty-six members at any given time.  All prospective members must have obtained their 18th birthday prior to beginning their probationary period. All new prospective members will be placed on a 90 day probationary period. During this time they must attend two meetings and fish in two club tournaments. After successfully passing their probationary period, the membership shall conduct a secret ballet. If more than two negative ballots are cast, the prospective member shall be denied entry into the club and will be asked to leave the meeting.  The ballot must be tallied by at least two members in good standing.


Section D – Boater / Co-Angler designation

  1. Each member must declare his status of either a boater or co-angler at the beginning of the fiscal year. To be considered a boater, you must have a boat minimum of 16.5Ft with a Live well capable of holding 5 big fish (20 Gal Min) and accommodate 2 anglers safely. No John Boat, Canoe, Kyak, Row Boats, Dingy’s, or other type of boat that is unstable when anglers are standing and casting. Boat must have built in Gas Tank and no Tillers for steering.
  2. Each Boater must submit a copy of his current Boaters Liability Insurance.  Prior to his first Tournament.  
  3. A boater cannot opt to be a co-angler if his boat is operational and boats are needed in a tournament for other co-anglers.
  4. The ratio of boaters to co-anglers will be at the clubs discretion, but 60% boaters to 40% co-anglers will be the guideline.


Section E – Separation from the Club

  1. Leave of Absence: If a member takes a leave of absence and wishes to remain on the club roster, his membership dues must be current. When the member returns to the club, dues must be paid up to date from the time of LOA. Any points earned prior to LOA will be reinstated.
  2. Resignation: If a member in good standing resigns from the club, and later would like to rejoin, he may do so without fulfilling the probationary period, as long as there is a vacancy on the club roster. A secret ballet shall be conducted and the member shall not carry over any points earned prior to resignation.
  3. Dismissal:  A member may be dismissed for the any reason providing a 75% agreement of the members present, including:
    1. Failure to pay club dues for three months.
    2. Failure to attend club meetings or tournaments for 3 consecutive months without contacting at least 3 club officers to declare his intention to remain active in the club regardless of his dues status.


Section F – Awards

End of Season awards will be given for the following:   

Angler of the Year - most points.   

Second place - second most points.   

Third place - third most points.   

Largest fish caught in a tournament during the year.  

Horse’s Ass award voted by the members.   

Nominations for special appreciation awards.   


Section G – Club Officers / Elections

1.   The officers of the club shall consist of:   

a.      PRESIDENT: The President will preside over all meetings, direct all official business, and will supervise all club functions.   

b.      VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President will assist President and preside in absence of the President. The Vice President will secure the fishing exemptions and will fill out the fishing reports.   

c.      SECRETARY: The Secretary will maintain accurate minutes for all meetings and must report the minutes at all meetings. Secretary will also keep an active club roster.  

d.      TREASURER: The Treasurer will maintain accurate records of clubs finances, be responsible for club payments, and must give a financial report at all meetings.   

e.      SERGEANT AT ARMS: The Sergeant At Arms will maintain all tournament results and member standings. He is responsible for maintaining order at meetings and enforces bylaws  

f.        WEIGH MASTER(S): The Weigh master(s) will ensure that the official weigh in scales, weigh in basket, bags, and golden rule are kept in clean, safe and in working order. If there is a problem with anything, it is their responsibility to inform the club members and propose a resolution.  


2.   There are no paid positions in this club.  


3.   The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting during the month of August, with nomination for officers to be held in July. Voting will be 50% plus one affirmative of the members present. Each member is allowed one vote and no proxy votes are accepted.   


Section H – Bylaw Changes

Changes to Bylaws may be proposed at any meeting with a 75% approval of members present.  Ample time for discussion must be provided to the membership.  All other proposed By Law changes will be noted in the minutes. The Secretary will document the proposed change along with the name of the person who recommended the change and will repost this suggestion in all subsequent minutes for the season until July.  At that time, all proposed By Law changes must be formally submitted with Article/Section reference via email no later than the Friday prior to the August Meeting.