Tournament Rules and Regulations



Tournament Fees

Tournament fees shall consist of $20.00 per person, per tournament and they will be paid at the regular club tournament meeting by members, guests, and prospective members fishing the tournament. Any late entries must pay Tournament fees prior to start of tournament. All tournament monies will be paid to the Vice President in the form of cash or through Pay Pal, and are non-refundable. Tournament monies will be paid out at the tournament or next monthly meeting. If a club member is behind on club dues, (see Bylaws) he will not be allowed to fish the tournament.  


One hundred percent of all tournament fees will be paid out as prize money each month:

1st Place    50%   

2nd Place   30%   

3rd Place    20%

   (Winnings based on $15 per Anger)

Big fish winnings paid at $5 per Angler 


Non-boaters are required to offer the boater $25 for a one day and $50 for 2-day tournaments to help offset Boater Expenses.


Tournament Committee

A tournament committee will consist of at least three volunteer members (at least one of which is a "Boater") who have not been on a tournament committee for the prior 4-month period. The tournament committee will serve for a four-month period and will recommend tournament location, Start and End times, a minimum of one month in advance. A Club officer will call for a vote to approve or alter the committee's recommendations by a majority vote. Tournament Committee will be responsible to start the tournament announcing the official start time, boat order, and oversee the "clocking-in" of any tardy anglers at weigh-in. Boats in no wake zone of ramp shall be considered “IN” for weigh in purposes.


All two-day tournaments will be conducted on the same basis as a one-day tournament. (i.e., prize money will be the same, only one 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and only one large fish.)   





The selection method for pairing members fishing a tournament is as follows:

A Random draw will occur to determine which Co-Angler will be paired with which boater.


In the event there are more Co-Anglers than Boaters to fish, Co-Anglers will be prioritized based on percentage of meetings attended (on a rolling 12 meeting basis). In the event of a tie the Co-Angler attending the meeting will have priority. Partners must change each month.


Boaters may volunteer to fish alone (without a member Co-Angler) if there are more boaters than Co Anglers. However, no person exercising this option may fish alone two months in succession or more than twice a season and these individuals will be paired FIRST in the succeeding tournament.  Also, Boaters who choose to boat alone (and are therefore held out of the Draw) are not eligible for the handicap.


In the case of any inconsistencies, errors or omissions during a tournament draw, a total re-draw is required


Lone Boaters not paired with Co Anglers

If there are more Boaters than Co-Anglers in the draw; boaters that are forced to boat alone, will be eligible for a handicap. The handicap will be determined by the lone boaters’ doing a random draw (with replacement) of the already paired co anglers (excluding Guests) to determine their “phantom” co angler. That Co angler catch will be virtually culled with the lone boater catch after the tournament to determine the Best 5 for the Boat of the Lone boater. (as if that co angler had fished on that boat)


Example 1:

ü      Boater Bob Draws Co angler Casey. 

ü      Lone boater Larry picks Casey out of a random draw of all co anglers already paired. 

ü      Lone boater Larry’s best 5 fish are 3-4 Lb fish and 2- 1 Lb fish.

ü      Casey catches 3-2 Lb fish and 2-1 lb fish.

ü      Larry’s 2-1 Lb fish will be replaced with Casey’s 2-2 Lb fish as a virtual cull, giving Larry 16 Lb bag rather than his original 14 lb bag. 


Example 2: Lone Boater Larry catches zero and Casey has a 8 Lb bag as above, then Larry’s boat gets credit for 8 Lbs per Casey’s catch.


If there is a tie between the lone boater with a handicap and the other boat due to the co angler catch being the only catch that both boats have, the boat that the co angler actually fished on wins ties.


If a Co Angler is a NO Show at the tournament, affected boaters may pick a random co-anger to determine their phantom co angler.


If 50% or more of the Boaters are lone boaters, a vote of the lone boaters should be taken to see if the handicap method will be used or not for that tournament.



If, at the meeting, a member is undecided as to whether he will fish or not; he must enter the draw as a Co-Angler, provided there are enough boaters to accommodate members.  In addition, if a member does not show up to the meeting and does not communicate that he is undecided to another club member BEFORE the meeting starts and still wishes to fish, may do so but will not earn any points for the tournament.  



A member may request to fish with a guest or prospective member provided the members’ boat is not needed for club members in the draw. The club meeting and fishing tournament may count toward new membership qualifying requirements.  All guests or prospective members must pay the $20 Tournament fee and are eligible for an equal share of the boat winnings. Big fish pot winnings can be split by agreement of the anglers on that boat.


Prospective Members 

When a prospective member fishes in a team tournament during his qualification period, his fish will be counted for that tournament, but no points will be awarded to the prospective member.  



If a boater does not show up at the tournament site or cannot fish for any reason, a draw (which includes all single boaters) will occur to determine which boat the Co-Angler will fish from. If there are no single boaters available, the Co-Angler will be refunded his tournament fees for that tournament, and that tournament will not count against him. (i.e. he will get an additional “drop” in the standings.)


If a Co Angler does not show up for any reason, the Boater is then eligible for the Co-Angler handicap if forced to fish alone (See Section under “Lone boaters not paired…”)


NOTE: If you are running late, you must call or text your partner and at least 2 club officers 30 minutes in advance to inform them. At that point, the Boater will wait 15 minutes after start time as a courtesy. If you do not call or text these individuals, your partner does not have to wait for you.  If you get to the ramp and your boater has left prior to the prescribed 15 min Courtesy period, please call or text a club officer to verify the time.


All deposits on rooms for any club tournament or function will be paid by the club member. Any member agreeing to share a room will be liable for his share of the room and any provisions purchased on his behalf.


 Early Departures 

If a member shows up at the launch ramp with every intention of fishing the tournament and must leave before weighing in, he will earn last place points.   




Tournament Methods and Format

1. No contestant may leave the boat unless the reason does not pertain to fishing.


2. No live bait of any type. 


3. Only one rod per person in the water at any given time, and all fish must be caught on a rod and reel. 


4. Format of Tournament to be set by Tournament Committee and approved by membership prior to tournament. Formats may include: “Catch Weigh and Release”, “Best 5 in Bag”, or some combination.


5.  Only Black Bass and Peacock Bass per state regulations will be allowed as an accepted species


6. Eligible fish for inclusion in a contestant’s catch must be a minimum of 1 Lb or greater for “Catch, weigh and release” format. State regulations will apply to all other formats. (This is also based on the Tournament committee recommendation) A four-ounce (1/4 lb) penalty will be assessed for each dead fish brought to weigh-in if a live weigh-in is required


7. A late penalty will be assessed to each tournament member who is late for weigh- in (i.e. not in “No Wake” zone of ramp). Such penalty will allow for a five-minute grace period.  Official time will be kept and announced by the tournament committee. The penalty shall consist of the deduction of one point for each minute late, to a maximum deduction of fifteen points. Exceeding fifteen minutes late (16 minutes or more), including the grace period, will constitute a "no weigh in." Members are responsible to weigh in their own fish or provide written weights to the weigh master. The only allowable exception is Boat, Engine or other equipment failure.


8.  No fish may be received into a contestant's boat unless said person legitimately catches it during the tournament hours.  


9.  All fish brought to the weigh in must be transported in a plastic watertight bag supplied by the club and released from the bag. 


10.  Fly rods are allowed as a method of fishing.   


Point System

  1. A point system will be used to determine the Angler of the Year in the club. Total points will be based on the best ten tournaments out of a possible twelve tournaments in a year for each member (two drops per year).    


  1. There will be 12 tournaments per fiscal year, one each month (except August), including one "wild card" tourney. The time and location will be selected by the Tournament committee or general membership.


  1. First place will receive 300 points with a 5 pt decrease per position through 5th place. There is a 4 pt decrease from 6th to 10th, a 3 pt decrease from 11th to 15th, a 2 pt decrease from 16th to 20th and place 21 through 36 are declining at increments of 1Pt. each.


  1. When there is a tie for a place, the next place given should be the actual place (i.e., if two people tied for fifth place the next place should be seven and so forth). 


  1. A 10 Point bonus per tournament will be earned by Club members that attend the regular club tournament meeting.


All ties consisting of weight and/or points will be allowed with duplicate awards for position or prize money.    


1.  Tie for first place - split first and second place money, second place receives third place money.   

2. Tie for third place - split third place money   

3. Tie for year-end awards - duplicate awards will be given.   



Life vests must be worn while boats are on plane. A violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament. If available, kill switches must be worn. 


No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed during tournament hours. Violators will be disqualified from the tournament. A two-time offender will be kicked out of the club


All boaters or non-boaters must have a valid Florida fishing license to fish any tournament, unless otherwise exempted from such requirement by Florida Law.


No boater or non-boater can give or receive any information from any source during a tournament. Cell phone use between tournament participants shall be limited to emergencies or matters of safety.  


Unsafe Conditions 

In the event at any time, between the meeting and the day of the tournament, the site is deemed unfishable, unsafe, or unacceptable for any reason or the weather is deemed unsafe, by any angler in the tournament, a vote will be taken by the President of all members fishing said tournament to change tournament location and/or tournament date. A 75% affirmative vote of club members fishing and voting on such vote will be required.


Rule Violations

If a rule is broken and disqualification occurs, the disqualification will be only for the day of the broken rule.